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Sometimes traditional psychotherapy is not enough to improve the functioning of a client’s life. At Therapy West, our clinical coaching program, sometimes referred to as extramural therapy, was developed to meet the needs of clients who require a more intensive, hands-on approach to help them outside of the “four walls” of therapy. This allows the client to generalize therapeutic gains in the flow of their daily living. Clinical coaching is a sound intervention to help clients improve their daily functioning and generalize new skills to a wide range of situations.

In Situ. Our clinical coaches work with adolescents and young adults to provide evidence-based clinical intervention in their own environment. All of our coaches are licensed mental health professionals trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and work under the guidance of a licensed clinical psychologist. The benefit of working in the client’s own environment is that we can practice, model and scaffold in the moment, unlike traditional approaches.

Goal Setting. The evidence is clear that therapeutic support with defined goals drastically increases positive outcomes. Our Clinical Life Plan integrates best clinical practice and assessment to design a pathway to success and improved functioning for our clients. Simply, we believe in taking a systematic approach to determine what is best and most effective for each client.

Flexibility. Clinical coaching services can range from four hours per week to more comprehensive support, which can be provided seven days a week at any time of day. We believe that each client has their own distinct needs and, thus, flexibility is essential for a successful intervention.

Collaboration. Clinical coaching is often implemented in conjunction with more traditional outpatient individual, family and/or group therapy. We often work with outside clinicians and support the work they are performing through clinical coaching. If needed, we have an experienced group of clinicians who can also provide the in office therapy.

Our typical clinical coaching clients are those who struggle acutely or chronically with:

  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • ADHD/Executive functioning deficits
  • Substance use as a secondary issue
  • School refusal
  • Family conflict
  • Overall self-care and daily living skills
  • High Functioning Autism (Asperger’s)
  • Chronic Learning Challenges

Individuals who have received this intensive support for three months or more tend to exhibit significant improvement. Examples of positive outcomes include sustaining employment, staying in school, improved daily living skills and reduced anxiety and depression. Clinical coaching is a sound intervention to help clients improve their daily functioning and generalize new skills to a wide range of situations.

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